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Get help on picking valuable stocks for your portfolio in Vietnam market and provide suggestion to grow your investment.


Ho Duc Hieu

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  • Access to private channel to receive stock advise updates.
  • Get help and consultant on your portfolio to grow your investment.
  • Access to various resouces on personal finance and investment.
  • Requirement

    To receive this service free, you only need to register your account with my partner ID on TCInvest

    TCInvest, the only one-stop-shop for investments in Vietnam, has many wealth advisory tools and trading facilities for a full range of financial products and solutions, including stocks, bonds, funds, property-linked, derivatives, etc. There are also many investment tools that help investors make well-informed investment decision such as financial analysis, technical analysis charting, conditional orders and alerts, smart screening tool, smart priceboard, Markovits efficient portfolio allocation tools and backtesting, artificial intelligent tools for investment analysis and recommendations, bond marketplace, etc.

    I select TCInvest as my platform for stock investing because of its reputation, low transaction fees, accessibility to leverage with low interest and an online process of eKYC on account registration.

    Registration Process

    Step 1: Visit this link for your registration:

    Step 2: Follow the tutorial on this video for account registration

    Step 3: Once your account has been opened, send me a message with your full name and account ID through this form so that I can assign your account the benefits of this service.

    Step 4: Congratulations! Your are completing registration. Our team will check your registration and get back to you as soon as possible.